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We have heard about him many times. Paul Rogers. Also known as Tubaman. Tuba WHO?? We got curious and finally had a chance to visit his Paul's Spanking Site and watch his videos. And dear audience, we are astonished! How come that we have missed this site since years? Not trying to exaggerate, but as a matter of fact some of his videos are the best domestic discipline movies that we have seen in a long time. What we really love about his videos is that they don’t feel acted. They don’t feel staged. They feel like real life! Just like corporal punishment videos should be. And since he switched over to razor-sharp HD filming some time ago, there’s one simple word that describes his work: BRAVO!! Bravo to Paul Tubaman Rogers and his girls, with some famous spanking model stars among them, like Lily Swan, Casey Calvert, Amelia Rutherford, Pandora Blake, Stevie Rose, Danielle Hunt, Christy Cutie, Ava Nyx and many more. Join here. Please also help us to support Paul's hard spanking work and share this page.

By the way...

... just don't get put off by the site's design. Agreed, it looks a bit out of time and needs an overhaul. But remember what Paul Rogers really focuses on is top notch spanking and corporal punishment videos. And that's what it comes down to. So really, who cares about site design? ;-)

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That was a long and effective corporal punishment lesson for poor Rachel.Sore Schoolgirl MelodyNaughty schoolgirl Melody Nore is both spanked and paddled in her schoolgirl skirt. Then, the skirt is lifted and the seat of her panties is punished. And finally, her panties are taken down and her bare, red, and very sore bottom is blistered with a hard spanking and a seat-searing paddling.Kitty's Long Schoolday - Jeans SpankingLeggy Kitty Theory is in very big trouble! After years if being a novel student, in her senior year she has decided it is OK to act up at school. Kitty's parents and Principal Tubaman decide it is time for some serious attitude adjustment, and poor Kitty's bottom pays the price!Sarah's Jeans SpecialMy beautiful BabyGirl Sarah Gregory bought these skintight jeans and it just HAD to be done! So, in short order, she is spanked soundly, paddled with a mean leather paddle, then bent over for a paddling with a wooden paddle.Alice Michaels' Punishments - First Video - Part 1-3Naughty Alice ii in big trouble, and her little butt is going to pay the price! First, a long, sound OTK spanking. Then Tubaman blisters her good with a stingy ping-pong paddle Them after some humiliating corner time, Alice is stripped naked and given three seat-scorching croppings.Paddling Ariel - The VideoAdorable little Ariel Summers bends over for a hard paddling in her first Spanking 101 video. You get two views of the entire paddling.Ava's Bad ShootNaughty model Ava Nyx shows up for an important promotional shoot for the Lone Star Spanking Party, completely unprepared. She has no choice but to pay for her ignorance with her bottom. Not a surprise, and how appropriate! A painful experience for Ava.Apricot's Triple PunishmentApricot Pitts has to agree to a corporal punishment after she has been caught smoking, again. A long non-stop OTK spanking across Paul Tubaman's lap is ahead of her, followed by 30 strokes belting.Aria Lennox - Real Punishment - Strapped And CanedBeautiful Aria Lennox came to Paul Rogers asking for his services as a Disciplinarian. This is real discipline, no acting. After the first part of her punishment with the wooden paddle she is now up for the strap and the cane.Ariel vs The Wooden SpoonCute Ariel Summer is tested at Spanking101 on how many strokes she can take from a massive big wooden spoon. That's a tough and painful challenge for Ariel's small firm bare bottom!Reyna's Long Week - Jeans SpankingBeautiful but belligerent Reyna McKenzie has been completely out of control, so her mother in desperation reaches out to her older, tougher brother, and he takes Reyna in for a week to see if he can change her snotty attitude. She goes home as a much better behaved, and very very sore, young lady.Punishing Ava & KikiNaughty sister Ava Nyx and Kiki Cali have both been soundly spanked and are now standing side-by-side in the corner, but they still can't seem to behave, and start fighting. Daddy Tubaman bends them both over and blisters their bottoms with a strap side by side.Kitty's Schoolgirl Uniform - Not!Sassy and sore Kitty Theory is back for more. So, back over the Principal's knee she goes, this time for a seat-scalding slippering, then corner time. Then, to add insult to injury, she must bend over the desk, skirt-up-panties-down for a severe bare-bottom strapping.Alice's Punishments - A Trip To The OfficeA trip to the office is a new sequel of Alice's Punishments at Spanking101. Watch poor little Alice receiving the wooden paddle for misbehavior and inappropriate clothes. Over her uniform skirt first, then with the skirt pulled up on her knickers, and finally on her bare buttocks.Iris Sun - Nonstop OTK Jeans SpankingBeautiful Iris Sun takes a long, hard OTK spanking in her skintight jeans. This is a pure spanking clip. No awkward storyline, no long conversations. Just pure spanking action. A precise corporal punishment, just as Iris appears to deserve for some reason.Triple Punishment For Ten AmoretteNaughty Ten Amorette has not paid her rent in some time and now she faces eviction. What to do? Well, there's a workaround. $300 in arrears means 300 swats on her rear, followed by a humiliating corner time. Will Ten pay the rent in time from now on? We will see...Ava's And Lily's Long Schoolday - Part 11Sassy sisters Ava Nyx and Lily Swan stay in trouble all day long with firm Principal Tubaman. By the end of the day, they have received an ass-searing 21 (!) spankings, strappings, and paddlings. These two young ladies will be attending their classes standing up for the foreseeable future.Kiki's Outfits Spankings - Part 8Shot at the Lone Star Spanking Party. Cute-as-a-button Kiki Cali gets her pert bottom spanked eight times, and just in case she isn't sore enough, she also gets paddled eight times! Add to that some embarrassing corner time, and a great time is had by all. Well. maybe not by Kiki. . .Spanking BabyGirl AmySassy BabyGirl Amy Fox is in big trouble, and Daddy Tubaman blisters her rear end good, first on her dress, then on the thin seat of her panties. Unfortunately, little Amy decides that this is a good time to throw a temper tantrum. Out comes Daddy's belt.Paddling Adriana EvansAdriana Evans' booty, covered with a skimpy jeans shorts, makes contact with a heavy wooden paddle. Short video but a real tidbit for all lovers of spanked girls jumping around in pain and sore buttocks rubbing.Ava's Nude PunishmentsBeautiful little Ava Nyx strips nude and takes three hard spankings from her real life Daddy Tubaman. First, she is spanked over his knee until she is howling. Next, she takes the leather strap to her bare tender bottom. And finally, she bends over for the wooden school paddle.Scorching Ava's JeansBeautiful but bratty Ava Nyx gets it good from real life Daddy Tubaman, who warms the seat of her tight jeans, first by hand over his knee, a furious OTK Spanking, then making her bend over for a painful wooden paddle spanking.Four Girls, Thirty-Two Swats, Four SpankingsNaughty schoolgirls Ava Nyx, Cleo Divine, Nuna Starks, and Key Winds are in serious trouble with Principal Tubaman and their bottoms are going to pay dearly. They bend over side-by-side as he blisters their miscreant behinds with a plywood Spencer Paddle.Punishing Angelica VeeIn her first video at Spanking 101, adorable little Angelica Vee shines! In trouble for misbehaving, Angelica gets spanked 4 times, on her dress, pantyhose, panties, and bare bottom. After each painful spanking, she is placed in embarrassing time out.Dutch Schoolgirl Ana's Spanking Discipline - The VideoNaughty Dutch schoolgirl Ana L finds out the hard way the thing are a little different in Texas, when it comes to corporal punishment. In the course of a single school day, she gets spanked three times, paddled HARD three times, and stood in humiliating corner time three times. Welcome to Texas!2 Naughty WivesNaughty wives Ava Nyx and Miss Anna get onto trouble with their husbands and pay for it with their bottoms. This is an extensive and serious corporal punishment that both will not forget so soon.Post Party Argument - Zoe Page - Part 1Real life partners Michael Stamp and Zoe Page star in this series of charming scenes. In this scene, high-spirited Zoe misbehaved at a party and embarrassed Michael, so he puts her over his knee and warms her recalcitrant bottom, then stands her in embarrassing time out.Alice's Bedtime SpankingNaughty Alice will just not go to bed! Off goes the TV, and over the knee goes Alice for a sound bottom-heating spanking, followed by a bare bottom strapping that has Alice howling! Our little Alice finally goes quietly to bed, her fanny burned and her lesson learned!Aria's PunishmentA genuine and severe punishment between BabyGirl Aria Lennox and Paul Rogers. Aria gets spanked hard, paddled with full force and strapped extensively. She then is sent to a long and embarrassing corner time.Melody's Long Schoolday 2Sassy redhead Melody Nore has a very long schoolday. She gets the seat of her jeans scalded with a wooden paddle. Next, it's the slipper to the thin seat of her leggings. Finally, she misbehaves at the school dance and gets spanked hard, then bent over the desk, bottom-bared for a strapping.Three Girls, Multiple SpankingsDelta Hauser, Luci Lovett, and Key Winds are in serious trouble with step parents Tubaman and Madame Samantha B. The result is three sore young ladies after hard OTK spankings each, then a seat-searing blistering with a mean rubber spatula, and finally an ass-scalding padding with a wooden paddle!Heating The Seat Of Ten's PantsSexy Ten Amorette takes two seat-scorching hairbrush spankings, the first ne over her trousers, the second one on her naked Buttocks, Both punishments are followed by embarrassing corner time.Post Party Argument - Zoe Page - Part 2After her initial OTK spanking for spending the night out at a questionable party, Zoe decides it would be a great idea to mouth off from the corner. Totally unacceptable, so Micheal dissuades her of that idea by blistering her again, this time with her panties pulled down.Ariel Summer - OTK PunishmentAriel Summer is still wearing her skimpy short jeans as she did for her previous punishment with the wooden paddle. In this next chapter of her punishment session she is now taken over the lap of Paul Rogers for a thorough treatment of her small firm bottom with a leather paddle.Punishing Gena TownsendOur first, and definitely not our last, shoot with beautiful Gena Townsend. Naughty Gena gets two hard spankings and two ass-searing strappings, each once over her trousers and once on her already sore bare bottom, each followed by embarrassing corner time.Iris' Outfits Spankings- Part 6Beautiful Iris Sun takes multiple spankings and paddling in a number of tight and skimpy outfits, including totally nude. In total, she gets her firm buttocks spanked and paddled 16 (!) times.Delta's Long SchooldayNaughty Delta Hauser chose a bad day to misbehave at school. By the end of the day, she has been spanked and paddled a seat-scalding TEN times, anther bottom is very, very sore, her attitude thoroughly adjusted.Kiki's Outfits Spankings - Part 1+2Shot at the Lone Star Spanking Party. Cute-as-a-button Kiki Cali gets her pert bottom spanked 8 times, and just in case she isn't sore enough, she also gets paddled another 8 times! Add to that some embarrassing corner time, and a great time is had by all. Well. maybe not by Kiki...Velvet Leggings - Ariel SummerAriel Summer receives a proper spanking with the hairbrush, first in her tight velvet leggings, followed by an even harder bare bottom thrashing on her small firm ass. The punishment for this poor young lady ends in the corner, half-nude rubbing her sore buttocks.Lily's Long Week - The Riding CropLily Swan finds out very quickly that misbehavior will not be tolerated, and that attitude is quickly and firmly dealt with. By the end of the week, she has been cropped, strapped, paddled twice, and spanked OTK an ass-searing eight times, and her attitude is significantly changed!Ava and Kiki vs The PrincipalNaughty friends Ava and Kiki get into trouble with Principal Tubaman and pay for it with red, sore bottoms. First, each gets spanked OTK, then stood in the corner. Next, they are paddled hard side-by-side. Unfortunately their punishments don't stop there. The result: two VERY sore young ladies!Michael and Zoe at HomeSassy Zoe wants some attention from her man, but Michael just wants to read the paper. Zoe climbs all over him until he gives her some attention, all right; just not exactly the type of attention she was seeking. Afterwards, a very sore Zoe can't sit down.Reyna's Long Week - Pantyhose SpankingReyna McKenzie is caught sneaking out of the house without permission. A long and painful OTK spanking is the inevitable consequence, followed by a sharp and thorough application of the stinging riding crop over her pantyhose.Kitty Catherine's Severe Spanking PunishmentKitty Catherine is caught trying to sneak out and gets severely punished. First, a hard OTK spanking. Then Paul fetches a ping-pong paddle and applies it vigorously to the seat of Kitty's pantyhose. Finally, he bares her bottom and blisters her with a large strap until Kitty is bawling her eyes out.Amelias's Nude Spankings - 4 Parts Corporal PunishmentWatch Amelia Jane Rutherford receiving corporal punishments from Paul Tubaman Rogers. It starts with a classic over the knee spanking. It continues with the wooden paddle, followed by a hairbrush OTK spanking, and finishes with a strapping that stings like hell.Kiki Spanked & Mouthsoaped - Part 2 + 3Naughty little Kikki Cali smarts off to Momma Miss Elizabeth and gets spanked for her troubles. After Miss Elizabeth walks away, Kikki curses under her breath and gets her pants taken down and spanked AGAIN. Then she is marched to the restroom where her mouth is thoroughly soaped.Spanking Annabelle - The VideoSexy newbie Annabelle males her spanking video debut and gets her bottom spanked twice then soundly slippered.Amy's Burning LeggingsLeggy beautiful Amy Fox receives a long OTK spanking from Paul Tubaman Rogers, followed right away by an extensive ass-scorching stinging caning in her thin, tight leggings. A high quality video for all lovers of facial reactions.Reyna's Long Week - Wake Up StrappingAfter several unsuccessful attempts to wake up Reyna nicely, Paul has no other choice but to apply his personal leather alarm clock on Reyna's bottom. A painful wake up for Reyna, and a valuable lesson learned: Early to bed and early to rise, makes a young lady healthy, wealthy and wise.Cheerleader Galas Looner Spanked For SmokingStunning Galas Looner stars in this, one of our 'outfits' collection, where a model is given a basic no-frills spanking, then she changes into an outfit and participates in a role play where she is spanked, What a difference! And who DOESN'T want to see a cheerleader getting spanked and paddled?Punishing QuinnAdorably naughty little Quinn gets spanked first by her Daddy Mr U, then her GrandPa Tubaman. Then a bare-bottom double-top spanking, and finally a double-top strapping that has her kicking wildly and howling like a banshee.Amy's Hot Daisy Dukes - OTK + StrappingBeautiful Amy Fox gets spanked thoroughly OTK in her skimpy Daisy Dukes. No mercy for her burning buttocks from this guy until he is finished and satisfied with the result.Paddling Mandi RaeMandi Rae has been setting some terrible examples for all other students at her school. No doubt, she will have to pay with tears for her behavior. She is bent over for a severe paddling on the seat of her thin stretch pants, delivered thoroughly Adriana Evans.Ariel's OTK PunishmentBeautiful Ariel Summers has copped an attitude at her first spanking shoot, so it is obvious as to how THAT is going to work out! Three hard spankings, including a seat-scorching bare-bottom blistering, each followed by embarrassing corner time.Briella Vs The Principal - Part 2Briella Jaden is in shock! Her father has given written permission to the Headmaster to apply corporal punishments on Briella, whenever he decides that she is due for it. See Briella jumping around in pain as her firm bottom gets beaten with the wooden paddle.Kiki Spanked & Mouthsoaped - Part 1Naughty little Kikki Cali smarts off to Momma Miss Elizabeth and gets spanked for her troubles. Then she is marched to the restroom where her mouth is thoroughly soaped. In an exclusive add-on, Miss Elizabeth gives an amazing tutorial on mouth-soaping.

Paul Tubaman has applied corporal punishments to some of the most famous spanking models, as well as to some refreshing new appearances. But there is a twist for the girls when they get spanked by Paul Tubaman! Depending on Paul’s mood, they always need to be prepared that their work as actors can quickly turn into serious real life punishments, at any moment. That's the unexpected moments of genuine remorse, shame, bitter tears and embarrassment.

Reyna St. ClairMandi RaeLuci LovettAmelia Jane RutherfordAriel SummersQuinnKitty TheoryAdriana EvansKey WindsLeia Ann WoodsAnnaAva NyxZoe PageMiss ElizabethSarah GregoryTen AmoretteBriella JadenIris SunAmy FoxDelta HauserEnter